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          Regroupement des Citoyens

                      de Shannon !

Shannon Citizens' Committee
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Shannon's Citizens, collateral damage of

national defence  ?

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Welcome to the Shannon Citizens' Committee Web site !   

The site is in constant evolution, please be indulgent !

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The committee members are :
President :  Marie-Paule Spieser
V.P. Members :  Jean Bernier
                          Dr Claude Juneau
and the population ...

Address : 15 King's Drive
               Shannon, G0A 4N0
Email :

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Here, you will get 'information concerning "Trichloroethylene", TCE, and the situation in the municipality of Shannon.
Trichloroethylene is a halogenated hydrocarbon, a volitile solvant, an organic molecule. Complicated to your taste ?
We will sort this out in the texts that follow.


*** For registration forms to join the class-action group, click on the "Forms" button at the top
of the page, choose the desired form and print it. For these registration forms or instructions, or
if you think you should be part of the class-action group, contact Mtre Charles Veilleux of the
lawyer firm
"Charles Veilleux & Associés, Avocats", at telephone # 418-527-5257
or at the following email addresses : or

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*** If you witnessed or know a witness of a situation, if you have some information, some writings,
some photos, some interesting testimonies concerning the subject, contact us and leave your
coordinates, we will contact you.

*** Please ! Sign the following visitors book and you can also reach us for questions, information or remarks on this site.
We appreciate your comments !
Even for corrections !

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Visitors book :


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This page was updated on the 26/08/2011, it will be updated as often as possible.
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You can get to us to give or ask for information at this address :    or or

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*** Wednesday July 6, started a 6 week break in our procedures in Quebec Superior Court. The class action lawsuit will resume on August 29 2011. Come listen to, and see by yourselves the defence and SNC-Lavalin witnesses. And it's not over...

Monday July 4, we were already in our 7th month of procedures in Quebec Superior Court.


Extra Flash Info...



*** We have been in Quebec Superior Court for the past 4 months. Come see by yourself. If you are not called as a fact witness, you can come any day.

Super Flash Info...

At last, elections are over at the federal level. No change for Shannon Citizens.RedLINE.gif (1766 octets) 

*** Saturday November 13 2010 was held at the Shannon Hall the Remembrance day in Commemoration of the Victims deceased of TCE exposition in Shannon.

320 names where read with full respect and humility underlining the memory of some persons who lost their lives in tragic circumstances following their exposition to trichloroethylene (TCE) and their degradation by-products.  Despite the sadness in our hearts, that day testified our commitment based on respect,  dignity, integrity, honour, patriotism and justice. Yes, these values still exist.

Some truly moving testimonies, where given.

Thank you to all who where present and had their heart on their hand. Some people do have compassion for their family and co-citizens.

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*** Some problems that can be caused by TCE...

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Find those films...  

"Shannon - Quand l'eau vous empoisonne",

realised by Nicole Giguère, at "productions THALIE",

and "Bombes à retardement",

by Guylaine Maroist and Éric Ruel, at "productions de la Ruelle inc."

You believed in "A Civil Action", you believed in "Erin Brockovich" ?

Sit down and wait until you see...

Our Canadian militaries are irradiated with neutrons and gamma photons...


These films deal with frankness, confidence, integrity,
honour, honesty, loyalty and respect
that prevails with the federal government, the national defence, the army,
the military units, the ministry of Veterans affairs,
our ministers who represent us…
and, us...

Are the lying at us like rugs or not ? ... And it is not over... It continues...  

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Michel Petit is today a retired military. While in the forces, he came and settled with his "belle", in Shannon in July 2001, a few months after the announcement of the contamination in Shannon. He now studies to be a history teacher. He wrote a very good book on his experiences in the Canadian forces.

What we know but, do not dare say.

He is worth reading. "Quand les cons sont braves" (When idiots are brave), at "vlb éditeur".

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The Benefit evening in SUPPORT of Alexandre Mallette-Lafrenière, 17 years old,

was a succes...  9 700 thank-you's, Thank you very much .

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Nice drawing by Métyvié on the 25-02-08, congratulations.


Find the two mistakes...


I've discovered a very very interesting video on YouTube at this address

Today the 18-02-2008 in the "Soleil" news paper we learn that, according to the environment minister, the first clues of the presence of TCE date of 1994... Here is a funny letter from 1992...

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On this 17/04/2007 :

Click on the link (the red expression) that immediately follows
this paragraph, to visualise
the "Public Notification of the Class Action"
in the Quebec Superior Court.

"Document of the Public Notification of the Class Action"

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You can read the Superior Court decision by clicking on "Jugement Recours Collectif Shannon". 03-04-07

The site «The TCE Blog» at address contains information about our dossier.

On this, the 22/03/2007, we get the news that the procedure for collective suit in the case of the "TCE, trychloroethylene" contamination is awarded by the Quebec Superior court. The suit is awarded against the federal government (Valcartier military camp or base or garrison or uss and the Valcartier research centre for defence and SNC-Tec inc.). A must to follow…

      and the gouvernment of        

On this 4th of March 2008, at last provincial elections ?... Make your opinion known. Congratulate or blast out but, make your opinion known. It as not moved much for Shannon citizens.

Around this early March, not wanting to only address the Quebequers and to limit us to the idea of the possibility of a Quebec provincial election, we also address the whole of Canada. A good news... A federal election is coming up in Canada ? Who helped us most since the year 2000 ? The C.P. or the L.P.C. ? Maybe the N.D.P. ? Difficult to answer ! An election is coming ! Your opinion counts, let it resonate !

Can you name Canadians in office or were in office since 2000 and who did something tangible and significant in defence of the Shannon population ?

Can you name a federal Prime Minister who did something tangible and significant ?

Can you name a Quebec provincial Prime Minister who did something tangible and significant ?

Can you name a Canadian defence minister who did something tangible and significant ?

Can you name a Canadian general (4 ranks) who did something tangible and significant ?

Can you name a Canadian colonel (2 ranks) who did something tangible and significant ?

Can you name a federal environment minister who did something tangible and significant ?

Can you name a federal health minister who did something tangible and significant ?

Can you name a federal minister who did something tangible and significant ?

Can you name a Quebec provincial environment minister who did something tangible and significant ?

Can you name a Quebec provincial health minister who did something tangible and significant ?

Can you name a Quebec provincial minister who did something tangible and significant ?

Can you name a federal or Quebec provincial deputy representing Shannon who did something tangible and significant ?

Can you name a federal deputy who did something tangible and significant ?

Can you name a Quebec provincial deputy who did something tangible and significant ?

Can you name an employee or ex-employee from national defence who did something tangible and significant ?

Can you name a military from national defence of Canada who did something tangible and significant ?

Can you name an employee or ex-employee from SNC-Tech or SNC-Lavalin who did something tangible and significant ?

Somewhere, I have read the preceding lines before... The more it changes and with time passing, the more it is the same.


At the beginning of February 2007, at last a grand Canadian, a scientist, an upright person and of renown is coming to the true defence of Canada and the planet. He is starting a crusade for the defence of the environment and with the weight and the opinion of all of us, the politicians could finally pass from words (since 1980, the Canadian and Quebec politicians have had a lot of them) to action (since 1980, the Canadian and Quebec politicians have not had a lot of it).

A few years back, Vassyl Petrovitch Boychuck, an uncle of mine was part of a tri-party (Canada, United-States and Russia) scientific naval expedition to the Grand Canadian North. This trip on a Russian vessel and its scientific personnel were directed by the one David Suzuki. Among other things, this scientific voyage wanted to demonstrate the deterioration of the ice of the Grand Canadian North lower and above the polar circle. The expedition reports were enunciator of a situation that is even worse today. We are polluted, we are contaminated, are we abandoned and what are we doing ? It's not moving too fast for Shannon… for Quebec… for Canada… for the Earth.


David Suzuki takes a stand for the defence of the environment of Canada…

Hubert Reeves knows about the Shannon contamination situation by the national defence… he sympathises with us.

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On this end of January, a good news... A provincial election is coming in Quebec ? Who helped us most since the year 2000 ? The P.Q. or the P.L.Q. ? Maybe the A.D.Q. ? Difficult to answer ! An election is coming !

In this month of January 2007, a Good and Happy Year Full of Health. Not much is new and  our demander and the Shannon citizens are still waiting for the decision from the Quebec Superior Court in the acceptation of a collective suit.

But while waiting, here is an interesting photo : Who can tell what is encircled in red ? And in what year was this photo taken ? Write us... In the "Visitors book" or at the address at the bottom.

Yesterday the 20th and today the 21st of June 2006, billions of $ are raining on the national defence and the Valcartier military base, but how much for the Shannon citizens and the militaries that drank and lived with TCE contaminated water by that national defence and SNC-Tec during tens of years. Et c'est pas fini... (like that French Quebequer song)

Following the 13-06-06, our demander and the Shannon citizens are in waiting for the decision from the Quebec Superior Court in the acceptation of a collective suit against the national defence (Valcartier military base) and et SNC-Tec.

The 13th of June 2006 is supposed to be the last day in Québec Superior Court for the audition of the demand for the authorisation of a collective law suite in the case of the TCE contamination in Shannon. You are all invited to come and hear the last words of the federal government (national defence) and SNC-Tec. The hearing will be held in room 3.26 at 10:00h at the Palais de Justice de Québec.

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Sad morning on this 12 January 2005 which saw our friend Vincent Vachon leave us for happier skies. Our most sincere condolences to his wife, Hélène, and all his family.

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On the night of the 3 to 4 December 1984, man produced one of the worst environmental tragedies on planet earth. Did you know that there are many points linking this tragedy with the Shannon tragedy.

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In the notice boards lower in the page, we see that in the month of November 2004, the two Valcartier base wells were contaminated with TCE. Valcartier garrison experts asserted that there would be no contamination and surely not in there new P7 well. Je me souviens...

This week of the 15-11-2004, our friend, ex-resident and ex-brother of the Shannon Fire Dept, Vincent Vachon, started his radio-therapy treatment for a brain tumour. He has kidney cancer (he lost one a few years back), lung cancer and brain cancer. He staid for some twenty-five years on Savoy street (TMQ), Cannon, King, "Lilac-des Mélèzes", Grogan and Conway street. He was wedded with his sweet Hélène on the 14-11-2004 in Shannon. Congratulation and we are sincerely and with all heart with you.

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There was a "agreement" between Shannon and the government of Canada (Justice Canada). DND can now drill characterisation wells (» 1,5 M$) in Shannon and give Shannon the TCE results of tests on these wells. It was already drilling wells in Quebec city and giving the results to Quebec city but was refusing to give the results of the Shannon wells to Shannon ! Bizarre... And, DND found 100, 200 and 1 100µg/L of TCE in Shannon.

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On this Monday 8-11-2004, Paul Martin set foot in Shannon, Quebec. Yes, that one... The right one.

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On this 12 Oct. 2004, we receive information from the Quebec ministry of the environment, that it did not come to see the Jacques-Cartier river to investigate the nice foam that was floating (see photos lower) on our salmon river since the 10-10-2004 at 18:00h, it did not come to take water samples for analysis and that...

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On the 9 Oct. 2004, Shannon helps the canadian government, the national defence ministry and our canadian militaries by giving permission to five F-18 canadian fighters to land on its territory. Bravo Shannon !

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Something new. These last few days, end of September, has the Quebec government (transport ministry, hydro-quebec…) given it's OK ! to the federal government (national defence ministry) to drill verification wells (piezometric) to be able to sample the water at different depths and know the TCE content of these samples and lets wish, in ammonium perchlorate ? It seams to be , yes… There is possibly the environment ministry and the wildlife and parks ministry that gave their OK! for wells in Shannon.

But, neither the Shannon municipality, neither the provincial government organisms, neither the Shannon residents will be able to get these results. Bizarre, very bizarre ! And, if a well shows a TCE level of 2 000 µg/l (ppb) or 70 000µg/l, this will be hidden from us. Bizarre, very bizarre. The federal government is asking the Shannon citizens to do the same as the provincial government. Why ?

A Shannon citizen is proceeding for a collective law suit against the federal government and SNC-Lavallin.

Shouldn't the Quebec government and its ministries and organisms help this citizen and the Shannon municipality ? Bizarre, very bizarre.

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In the past few years, we have learned that we, our soil, our air and our water where contaminated with gas, with diesel, with oil, with fire fighting foam, with a bird, with MCE (VC), with DCE, with TCE, with PCE and uncountable other products…

On the 22-09-2004, we are informed by the Valcartier base of a new product in our underground water table and that the "FLAVOUR of the WEEK" is "ammonium perchlorate". Think of a space shuttle lift-off. It is riding piggyback on a big hydrogen and oxygen tank (often orange). On each side of this big tank are two long and thin booster rockets that help on lift-off. These two rockets are fuelled with a solid fuel (its gas) witch is named "propergol". The principal component of propergol is ammonium perchlorate (other kind of perchlorate also exist).

Perchlo11.jpg (8799 octets)

Perchlo13.jpg (7490 octets)

Perchlo12.jpg (10732 octets)

Well, it's this product that finds itself in the base Valcartier and Shannon water. And, that's on top of all the other products. Hard to answer question… What will be the next flavour ? The question is out. Have-we already ideas ? Some effects cause by this product are dysfunctions of the thyroid gland up to thyroid gland cancer.

When the Valcartier base gave its aqueduct system to Shannon, it did it with the knowledge that the water table and system was contaminated with TCE and other products.

In the 2004 spring, following the 56 M$ suit against the federal government (department of national defence) and SNC Lavallin Inc., at the signature of the 19 M$ out of court settlement, the Valcartier base knew since at least 2002, of a possible contamination of the underground water table with ammonium perchlorate.

Do we see a tendency here ? His that what we call transparency, cooperation and communication ?

Surely a forgotten chapter by the authors of the book "Le centre de recherches pour la défense Valcartier", is the chapter (8.4) on the fallouts of contaminants in the air, in the soil and water…

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Here are photos of the salmon river Jacques-Cartier taken on the 11th of Sept. 2004 between 0900h et 0930h... Yes, yes, the 11th of Sept., not the 11th of Jan. Why are there no salmon in our salmon river ? These photos are from Ste-Catherine de la Jacques-Cartier going towards the Shannon bridge. This means that this foam comes  from upstream of the Shannon bridge... But, this foam probably disapears with no traces when it reaches the limits of Ste-Catherine de la Jacques-Cartier... There was nothing at Clark bridge in Saint-Gabriel de Valcartier. What is the Quebec environment ministry doing ?

Sep11124.JPG (91561 octets) Sep11135.JPG (101572 octets) Sep11142.JPG (97415 octets)
Sep11143.JPG (95409 octets) Sep11152.JPG (95748 octets) Sep11153.JPG (77688 octets)
Sep11161.JPG (82240 octets) Sep11168.JPG (87808 octets) Sep11177.JPG (49759 octets)

RedLINE.gif (1766 octets)

(parts per billion - ppb)
United States, 5 ppb — except
bulletArizona, 3.2 ppb
bulletFlorida, 3 ppb
bulletNew Hampshire, 2.8 ppb
bulletRhode Island, 2.5 ppb
bulletWisconsin, 1.8 ppb
bulletNew Jersey, 1 ppb
European Union, 10 ppb (including PCE)
New proposed value, 3 ppb (TCE alone)
Australia, 30 ppb
Canada, 50 ppb
Quebec, 50 ppb
Valcartier military base, 50 ppb
  Shannon, 0,7 ppb


TCE in the Valcartier military base drinking water in 2001 ? (EPA norm = 5ppb)
Month Jan Feb Mar April Mai June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
P2 Well 2,8 ,81 ,35 ND ,38 ND ND ND ND ND ND ND
P4 Well ,11 ,16 ND ND ,42 ,13 ND ND ,17 ,21 ND ,32


11 ? ? ? 37 36 45 64 3,5 28 30 29

ND = not detected, does not mean zero

TCE in the Valcartier military base and Shannon drinking water in 2002 ?
Month Jan Feb Mar April Mai June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

P2 Well

ND ,11 ,17 ,22 ,94 ,71 2 2,1 3,1 1,7 3,9 2,2

P4 Well

ND ,37 ,31 ,32 ,5 ,58 ,35 ,37 1,3 ,83 1,3 1,3
P5* 22 ND 18 20 21 22 91 44 81 78 87 90
P7 Well ND ND ND ND ND ,53 ND ? ? ? ,48 ND

* Water not used for drinking since ??, it was dumped in a salmon river.

TCE in the Valcartier military base and Shannon drinking water in 2003 ?
Month Jan Feb Mar April Mai June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

P2 Well

ND ND ND ND ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

P4 Well

0,83 ,79 0,82 0,80 0,75 0,64 0,45 ND ND 1 0,52 0,76
P5* 100 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

© In   January 2004 the Valcartier garrison was injecting water et 24% of the EPA norm and the future CANADIAN norm on TCE, in it's "drinking water" holding thank.

TCE in the Valcartier military base and Shannon drinking water in 2004 ?
Month Jan Feb Mar April Mai June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

P2 Well

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?  

P4 Well

1,2© 1,1 0,94 0,85 ND 1,1 1,1 0,9 ? 0,99 0,77  
P5* ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?  
P7 Well ND ND ND ND ND ND ND ND ND ND 0,14  

For more, go to "Old News"... by clicking on the corresponding button at the top...


Reaction, commentary, testimony, preoccupation, editorial, opinion or question  ! :
 The Shannon Citizen's Committee wishes to thank Soheil Nakhostine ing. M.Sc. for the presentation made on September 18th 2003 in Laval for , Counselling in Engineering since 1976, in the framework of the "26e Symposium sur les eaux usées et 15e atelier sur l’eau potable". In this presentation entitled " Traitement du TCE dans l’eau potable de la base militaire de Valcartier par une technologie aux ultraviolets ", Soheil Nakhostine ing. M.Sc. used a representation (drawing) of the TCE molecule created by the Shannon Citizen's Committee. Soheil Nakhostine ing. M.Sc. even created an exploded view of the TCE molecule drawing. Thanks a lot.

When must the ACTIVATED CHARCOAL in a filter be changed ?

If the army feared for the Shannon population, should the Shannon population fear for the army ?   Should the Shannon population fear a general panic in the army ?

What is meant by the honourable Arthur C. Eggleton, Minister of national Defence, by water of high quality and clean ?

Is the water from Valcartier base contaminated ?

What is NTA, nitrilotriacetic acid ?

What is a trace, a trace of TCE, a trace of PCE ?

The value of the Québec Ministry of Environment ! We knew it but... There is the Law of silence... Robert Monderie puts forward that we should rebuild a Ministry of Environment in Québec. Thinking of it, not a bad idea...

What are the Provincial government parties doing ? The P.Q. ? The Liberal party ? Are there any others ?

In the news on the 6/06/2002, another difficult question to answer ? Do we give preference to jobs or public and society health in the story of  the pig industry in Quebec ? Jobs or health, jobs or health, job or health ?

Do you know since when the Valcartier military base gets rid of open sky sewage water on land that doesn't belong to her ? Does she dump some at other places ? And to who belongs the land where the Valcartier military base discharges some sewers ?

Since when did the Valcartier military base knew about the "369 lagoon or  X lagoon" ?

Since when did the Valcartier military base use the "369 lagoon or  X lagoon" ?
Since when did the Valcartier base military police knew about the "369 lagoon or X lagoon" ?
Since when did the Valcartier base environment officer knew about "369 lagoon" ?
Is there a communication plan ?
Is there any transparency ?
In any case, the sewage water of the "369 lagoon or X lagoon", it, was not transparent !

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You can contact me, P. Jean Bernier, by clicking on the address that follows :

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