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          Regroupement des Citoyens

                      de Shannon !

Shannon Citizens' Committee

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Our mission

The gravity of the situation necessitates, in our opinion, constant and rigorous attention to this matter, so we have taken on the task of representing the citizens in everything, big and small, that touches the contamination file. To do this we have a seat on the Follow-up Committee put into place by the municipality and we are in contact with the Québec Public Health Department and the Ministry of the Environment so as to ensure the most adequate solutions. The citizens of Shannon are at the heart of our preoccupations, we believe it is essential that all citizens be informed.



· To ensure regular surveillance of all the filter systems put in place at the homes with contamination problems.

· To see to it that all the citizens on the south side benefit from a water test and that rigorous surveillance is
   assured on the north side of the municipality.

· To find answers so that residents who wish to take advantage of medical support have ready access
   to adequate resources.

· To see that the Committee be informed of all the steps that are taken at the environmental level.

· To see to it that the aqueduct system be installed as quickly as possible without entailing any additional
   cost to residents.